The Marco Polo​

The Marco Polo dining Hall at Batavia Marina is one of a kind, very exclusive and cozy venue that cannot be found elsewhere. With its classical, old time architecture combined with very unique interior and decorations, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner, while at the same time share and capture the Batavia Marina life style at the Marco Polo.

With about 80 to 100 seats, the Marco Polo is prepared to pamper your taste buds with the vast selections of Indonesian, Asian and International menus and dishes. Large choices of Beverages, Wines and Liquors are also available from the Batavia Marina Bar.

Live music is regularly played during weekends. Here you can really enjoy life and enjoy yourselves, even sing along or dance the night away with your someone special for an unforgetable evening. Those who prefers for more privacy can also choose the 4 available private / VIP rooms at Marco Polo.

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