Dining at Batavia Marina

Batavia Marina is prepared to pamper your taste buds with a vast selections of Indonesian, Asian and International menus and dishes. Amidst the special atmosphere of the Marco Polo dining hall available nowhere else, you could enjoy your choice of dishes, while at the same moment feel the life style of Batavia Marina. A full array of beverages, Wines and Liquors are also available at the Batavia Marina Bar.


For an exclusive and very private dining, there are 4 private, VIP dining rooms with various sizes available ( the Atlantic, Pacific, Baltic and Adriatic, each for 7, 18, 10 and 9 seatings respectively )


For those who prefers outdoor setting, you can choose your seating at the Seaside Garden to enjoy your dishes, accompanied by the cool sea breeze, open sea side air and the whispers of the waves, another attraction of the Batavia Marina life style.


And for your special events, the Sea side Garden also has Outdoor Barbeque facilities available at your disposal. Be it family affair, formal event or Corporate party, the Batavia Marina is the location and the facility, available nowhere else in Jakarta.