Presently Batavia Marina has 2 large floating berths to serve 4 large boats up to 37 meter ( 120 feets)
long and 34 standart floating berths to serve 64 boats of maximum 15 meter ( 48 feets )long,also 8 med
mooring for boats up to 20 meter ( 66 feets).

There are numerous Pedestals available on the walk on berth to provide electricity and water supplies.
Standart Pedestals have power outlets of 16 amp 1 phase and larger Pedestals have outlets of 32 amp
3 phases as weel as 62 amp 3 phases connections.

Water suplly is provided through 1/2 inch hose connetions from all Pedestals.

Berthing space is available for either visiting,short term or long term basis and it is advisable to make
reservation in advance for your convenience.

Informations concerning our berthing rates,berth space booking,term and condition and our Marina Regulation
are available up on request.

Contact Person
Putu Suryadi
Phone : 62 21 6915599
Hot line : 62 81322200987
PIN BBM : 5CE17335
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]
VHF Radio: 69 Batavia Marina.
Coordinate 6º 6″353’S 106º 48″802’E

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